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GrowthTester ensures your growth team has a clearly defined path to collective learning and discovery. It gives everyone a job to do while ensuring complete alignment with the objectives of your organization.

Establish Cycles

Create a foundation for your sustainable growth process with growth cycles. Each cycle ensures that you have a period of learning and discovery that can build on the past while trying new things.

Target Audiences

Programs of growth ensure teams can tackle target different audiences with a cohesive strategy to learn in every interaction.

Adapt Messaging

Stages break down the process of engaging an audience into logical phases to ensure that each interaction provides a thoughtful opportunity to get better.

Constant Experimenting

Experimenting provides opportunities for discovery and learning that ensure a detached and scientific approach is taken.

Measure Success

Create and track metrics for each experiment to understand what success looks like.

Track Key Details

Assign tasks to members within an experiment to ensure that key details are not missed.

Clarify Responsibilities

Ensure key roles are filled on a growth team by assigning positions with clearly delineated roles and responsibilities.

Align Efforts

Ensure milestones are tracked by setting up meetings where teams can come together to consult, learn, and plan for future cycles of growth.

Keep Teams Connected

Activity feed for all related actions that can be sent via email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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"Growth is a team effort. It takes a systematic approach and a cohesive strategy along with a commitment to learning. No one does it alone. We are all learning and getting better, or we're not going to get where we want to be."
Director of Product